Monday, November 7, 2011


Counter-Strike (also called CS) emerged in 1999 as a modification for Half-Life game. In no time it proved hugely successful for LAN Houses, which were crowded with young people who spent the whole night behind the screen of the computer network playing against friends and strangers.

The FPS game is simple but innovative for the time. In it, participants are divided into two teams, called "terrorists" and "counter-terrorists." There is not much secret as depending on your hand, you must rescue the hostages or plant a bomb in a specific location of the scene.

There are many difficulties to those accustomed to games of first-person shooter. Just pick your team before starting the battle and meet the objectives proposed. Even the casual players will do well because the controls are easy to assimilate. The amount of weapons is huge and ranges from a simple knife, to rifles and machine guns. The deaths of knives are a joke among the players.


CS maps are well diversified and are created by the fans and have an impressive degree of realism.

Remember that you need teamwork to win. It is no good scenario for you to go alone and try to defeat all enemies, because death is only a matter of time. Strategy is key in Counter Strike.


Counterstrike is really old :P

I friggin love counterstrike, been playing it since 2002.

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