Monday, November 7, 2011


The series "Sim," contrary to what many may think, hasn't started with the popular "The Sims". The franchise began in a much more "mature" and more interesting: a cities simulator. Created by the genius of the games industry Will Wright, SimCity was released in 1989 for the computers of the time. The game was the first of Maxis, and which had been more sales until the arrival of The Sims in 2000. Was responsible for the company's reputation, causing it to be bought by Electronic Arts later.

SimCity is a strange game in the view of many people: you never win and the game never ends. You have only one goal: not to break the coffers of his city. In recent versions, take your broke city led to the resignation from office. Of course, all versions had tips for a lot of money, which usually made ​​the gameplay much more fun (who would not build the house of the mayor with an artificial lake, without worrying about monthly maintenance fees, for example?) . But of course, true gamer does not use cheats!

The game itself, played in its pure mastery, is perhaps one of the hardest games. In the latest "real" version, SimCity 4, besides taking care of the budget, you have to worry about the environment, traffic, safety, health care, education and land values. In other words, was not only to trace long roads, expensive free-ways and set the zone type to be built in an area. The job of a mayor in the Sim universe is not easy!

One of the hallmarks of the series is the freedom the player has to define what kind of building you want in each part of town. Do you think convenient to construct a highly polluting industry next to a small neighborhood of low density? Well, you're the mayor, then do so. But be assured that soon after you receive various types of complaints from residents.

Another strong point of the series is the humor with which things are taken. From the manual to what the secretaries talk (yes, in SimCity 4, there are secretaries for each sector of the city). The secretaries, talking about them, are always willing to help the mayor in any case. Besides them, you get even with the aid of several charts that show the floor of the city over time.

I can not forget the possibility of feeling "God" in the game. Before starting a new city, you have the option, with a few clicks here and there, designing a beautiful landscape. A mountain, a plain, hills, beaches, a group of islands ... you choose. Tired of the city during the game? Destroy it with attacks of UFOs, giant robots, volcanoes, storms, meteors ...


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