Monday, November 7, 2011

Sonic Spinball & Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Sorry for being idle. I was on vacancies so I was unable to post. To compensate you I am gonna review 2 games today!
In 1993, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine came in with a different proposal for the game: a game of Tetris-style puzzle, where the goal is to fit four or more beans of the same color so that they disintegrate and release more space on the field! The "battles" of this game always takes place between the player (left side of the screen) and one of Robotnik's robots (right) and who can stay longer until the other is prime, wins! I personally never got past the fourth, the fifth stage at the most!
In the same year, Sonic turned a ball in a pinball game Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball, where he was to defeat the darkest plan Robotnik: a castle made entirely with giant pinball tables, where Sonic was the ball! The hedgehog had to go through four phases that are not easy to get to the villain and defeat him.
Both these games were leveraged by the animated TV show "Sonic the Hedgehog", which was created in 1993 and displayed in the states, in 2002/2003 and shown here in Brazil by Silvio Santos' Channel (SBT). This design was dubbed "Sonic SatAM" because it was always displayed in the United States on Saturday morning (Saturday + AM = nickname SatAM). In both games, characters, robots, Sonic and Robotnik himself, are fully inspired by the design, thus not part of the saga of the series.


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