Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sega Rally Championship

Released in arcades in 1995 by Sega studio AM5, and converted for the Sega Saturn by AM3, Sega Rally marks by the pioneering of exploring different driving behaviors for different floors. This coupled with the highly attractive aspect to the arcade classic Sega always had. Like the arcade games of that season, as well as their homemade conversions, Sega Rally is a game with few tracks and cars.

Leaving aside the arcade version and speaking only the conversion to Saturn, there were introduced 3 game modes: Arcade, Time Attack, and 2 Player Battle. In Arcade, we have two sub-modes: Championship and Practice. Championship mode is an adaptation of the original game. We have 2 cars to choose from, a Toyota Celica and Lancia Delta, both with the option of automatic or manual changes. Then began the first circuit in 15th position, and is a race against the clock to the end. The next circuit starts in the position we have finished in the previous the circuit. This game mode has three circuits (Desert, Forest and Mountain), and if you reach the end of the Mountain circuit in the first place, you unlock an extra circuit named Lake Side. It is the harder circuit of the game, and if you reach the end of that circuit in the first place you unlock a secret car, Lancia Stratos, the fastest car in the game.

The practice mode as the name suggests allows you to choose any circuit and simply train. The Time Attack mode is a game to break records, you can set the number of laps to do in a given circuit or simply choose the mode "free run" and run on the same circuit to be satisfied. 2 Player Battle mode is self explanatory ... frenzied action in split screen against a friend! There is also some special options that allow you to customize the car slightly by choosing different values ​​for tires, suspension, transmission, etc.. The conversions of arcade games in that time have always been a bit poor to add new content.

Sega Rally shortly after was adapted for Windows 95, at a time when were released a lot of Sega games for the PC. That version has better graphics than the Saturn version, but the gameplay is not the same thing. When Dreamcast was released, they also adapted Sega Rally 2 Arcade's. Recently returned to take the franchise, they have launched another series of games for newer systems.


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