Saturday, November 12, 2011

Worms World Party

The worms are ready to attack and destroy! The goal? Dominate the world! Worms World Party brings all that other games have created, and it includes its own style and influences with an air of fun and excitement that will hold you for hours and hours on the computer! Based on the classic Worms, the game features online battles with several players having fun at the same time.

You'll begin the game with a team of worms on your screen. You can only control one worm at a time. Coordinating a worm at a time, you should try to destroy your enemies before time runs out. And of course, the time you have is the same as your enemies have, so if it has expired for one, expired for all! Due to the high interactivity of the game, it became an extremely addictive game!

The great sense of humor combined with the original layout of Worms World Party guarantee fun for long! You will have access to unique weapons to help in your overall experience. When it's your turn, what weapon would you choose? The ninja rope (allowing you to move more quickly through the map) or a sheep exploding? Do your part and reach your goal anyway!

Enjoy the best in competition, destroy enemies, strategy and mission statements and confrontations, as they have a crucial role in the game. The large community that Team17 created allows games at any time of day, thanks to the large amount of online players. The game is still simple and fun, but with new weapons, new maps and lots of fun!


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