Sunday, November 13, 2011

Star Fox 64

Star Fox is a game that was very successful in the Super NES and Nintendo 64.
In the Super Nintendo, this game used the new 3D chip (SUPER FX), then bringing the revolutionary 3D graphics and games making the fans pirarem with the Star Fox Team.

Let's talk about the game. Strange activities are happening on the planet Venom, where the evil scientist Andross was exiled due to his research that endangered the entire population. So, Corneria, governalmental Planet of the Lylat System, ordered the Star Fox, a group formed by James McCloud, Peppy Hare and Pigm Dengar to investigate. When they get Venon, Pygmy betrays the group and Peppy and James are captured by Andross. Peppy escapes, but James does not return. Peppy returns, and tells the son of James, Fox, what happened to his father. Years later, Andross launches a massive attack on the Lylat System and the new Star Fox, consisting of Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad, is sent to investigate and cross the various locations of the Lylat system, facing a huge army and a group sent by Andross asssasinos for the sole purpose of destroying them.

In Star Fox 64, launched in 1997 as a remake of the SNES original, there's friendship with Bill Grey, and also the great rivalry with Wolf O'Donnell of Star Wolf squadron. Interesting battles take place during the game, and characters appear with more emotion.

The game is linear, with a number of stages and locations of various types. You can go through a sea of ​​volcanic lava or venture into the deep ocean. The game gives you the option to choose which way to go.

Star Fox 64, despite being a remake, brought great sensations with the control of the Nintendo 64, such as loops, in open field battles, persecutions, etc.. It is a spaceship game where Shigeru Miyamoto was able to exploit the full potential of the island, making Nintendo fans indulge in the Rumble Pack (that came with the cartridge), vibrating with the shooting and suicide aircraft coming towards him.

The fellow has important functions in the game: Falco Lombardi uncovers secret paths, while Slippy Toad recognizes the power of teachers and Peepy reveals the weaknesses of the bosses and the tips of the phase.
Throughout the game you must be attentive to their friends, they will be constantly harassed and you will have an obligation to save them.

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