Sunday, November 6, 2011


Frogger was a phenomenon of video games in arcades and Atari, and has been the first big hit from Konami. The title came to arcades in 1981, and the home consoles a year later, with some minor graphical changes due to the limitations of each platform.

Extremely addictive, the recipe of Frogger was simple. The player needed to help the frog cross a busy road with trucks, cars and motorcycles and a river full of alligators, turtles and logs. All this without letting the little amphibian being hit, without drowning or being eaten by reptiles treacherous. Basically, on the avenue, the frog can not be achieved by moving objects while on the river he must jump into the moving objects - except in alligators with the mouth open, of course.

The frog could be moved sideways, forward and backward. When the player managed to guide five frogs to the other side of the river, a new level was started. The difficulty of each phase was measured by the speed of the objects on the avenue and the river, and everything was very complicated after a few levels. Often, flies and frogs appeared along the way, and if the player could pick it up, earns extra points.

The original Frogger or versions very close to the arcade version were released for more than 10 platforms, from the rarest to the most popular. Another sequels have also come to home consoles and arcades, but it was the first game that was immortalized. Consoles like Playstation gained a 3D version, which incorporated the original game and new levels to control the frog. In the SNES, Frogger was one of the last games to be released. Among the current consoles, only the Xbox 360 makes it available for download.

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