Sunday, November 6, 2011


Who doesn't remember playing digger or any other variation of the game?

Digger is a Canadian game produced by Windmill Software in 1983, popular to IBMs PCs that were beginning to become an appliance like any other.

The game was very simple - you're a little machine bulldozer leaving open holes in the landscape in search of emeralds and bags of money. There are monsters called Nobbins chasing you through the game, but they do not have the same ability to make new roads, only the existing tread. Well, the first monsters do not have this ability. If they cross the same path a number of times, they become Hobbins (limited time) and can dig holes in your direction.

This game was inspired by the game Mr Do released a year before Digger, by a softhouse called Universal. The gang's Windmill simply made a home port that was different enough to not be the target of a lawsuit for copyright infringement.


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