Sunday, November 13, 2011


Who hasn't played Pokémon?

The pokémon games are some of the most popular games for nintendo! I really loved to play Pokémon! I got Pokémon Blue, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Pinball and Trading Card Game.
The original tagline of the game was "Gotta Catch 'Em All" and that's what I did in Pokémon Blue and almost have done on Pokémon Gold where I haven't caught Blissey and Crobat.

This is a RPG where you have the mission to collect all the Pokémon in the world by catching them with poke balls or trading with other players in-game or with a link cable. The main difference between the Game and the TV Show is that the game focuses more in catching the pokémons and on the TV Series they are mostly used as slaves to fight against the evil.

On Pokemon Blue and Red there was a bug on Cinnabar Island where you could see Missigno (a bug that multiplyes the item you have on the 6th slot on the pocket almost 500 times) and you shouldn't caught it or your game would get some errors and you could also see in the water the last pokemons you have battled, so it was a great chance to caught the pokemons you saw in Safari Zone.

The main differences from Pokemon Blue/Red to Pokemon Yellow were the colours of the screen (the game wasn't black/white anymore) and Pikachu was always following you but only if you don't trade him or he doesn't evolve into Raichu.

Then Came Pokemon Gold/Silver and later Pokemon Crystal. On these versions of pokemon, more Pokemons where added, the game also got an XP bar on battles where you could see how much you need to your pokemon grow up and a new map Johto was added where you start your journey and then, when you win the Poke League you can travel to Kanto and win all the badges and win the Poke League again. On Pokemon Crystal you have the Battle Tower which is located in olivine city. In the Battle Tower, you enter with three Pokemon and you'll fight in seven consecutive battles. After beating all seven, you'll get a good prize. There are 10 difficulty levels, lv10, lv20, lv30 and so on until lv100. Your Pokemon may not enter a difficulty below its current experience level.

Then came Pokemon Ruby and Saphire and later Pokemon Emerald to Gameboy Advance. These games are played on the land of Hoenn. In this game you'll see better graphics, added 2vs2 battles where you fight with 2 pokemons, a lot of new abilities, new pokemons, etc.

Other variants of the game I've played, first, Pokemon Pinball. In this game you play on a Pokemon Blue or Red world. Both have different pokemon to catch and different difficulty as the Pokemon Blue world is easier. You'll have across the game to get better pokeballs, change location, catch pokemon and evolve then, etc it is a very fun game.

This game was based on Pokemon Trading Card Game that also exists with real cards. You should build your deck and fight against the trainers but just remember, geeting the stronger pokemons on the deck don't make you win, you need to have the best pokemons to fight the trainer weaknesses (ex use fire pokemons on the deck against a grass type trainer) and have the best item combinations to win the battles.

So many nostalgia from this video, almost dropped a tear.

Click Here to play Pokémon, you don't need any plug-in!


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