Sunday, November 13, 2011

Metal Slug

Missing your time spent on Gaming Houses playing this classic?

Metal Slug is a series of games in the style run and gun, a kind of platform, initially released by SNK for arcade.
It's first version, Metal Slug: Super Vehicle SV-001, was launched in 1996 for the Neo Geo platform. The games of the series are well known for his sense of humor and gameplay, for factors that influenced the success of the game that had several sequels. The game was also released for some video game consoles, making the children after playing in the arcade, buy this game, which led to much controversy in the market.

In this game you will have to shoot at continual stream of enemies in order to reach the end of a level. Across the level you will get some weapon upgrades and powerups (most given by releasing prisioners) and "Metal Slug" tanks that can be used not only as weapons but also as an extra defense.
On the end of the level you will find a boss who is stronger that the casual enemies and harder to defeat.

To kill the common enemies you can either shoot or perform melee attacks by using a knife and/or kicking by approaching to the enemies. You will not die if you touch most of the enemies, they should either drop you a bomb and/or shoot you or in some cases they can also use melee attacks.
Some parts of the game scenery are destructible. Sometimes you can find extra items or powerups but most of the time it simply results in colateral damage.

There are a total of six levels, with themes ranging from forests, garrisoned cities, snowy mountain valleys, canyons, and military bases.

Try HERE the GBA version.

Note: Not all the images are from the original game.


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