Monday, November 7, 2011

Kirby's Adventure

Kirby may seem a silly game at first glance, to have even more to be a main character who is practically a "ball" color pink. Ridiculous, right? Wrong! Kirby is a very cool character, who can swallow his enemies and thus learn their skills, and then use them to justice! All right, Mega Man was doing it before, but while the robot Capcom could just copy the powers of the robots heads, Kirby can absorb the abilities of any enemy, not just the bosses, but as long as they have some special ability to be learned, of course. Altogether there are 25 abilities that Kirby can learn and use to your advantage!
The game's story is this: Not everything is well in Dream Land. For some mysterious reason, residents of the sleepy town can no longer dream, because the Dream Spring - a kind of well that keeps the dream - is no longer working. Now everyone is desperate because their worst nightmares plague the once peaceful sleep. Kirby, however, discovered that the evil King Dedede has stolen the Star Rod, ending with the magical energy that feeds the Dream Spring. The hero must then proceed in several stages swallowing skills of opponents, pick up the pieces of the Star Rod and restore calm in the dream Dream Land. The game is divided into seven worlds, each with six more stages and a boss to be defeated in the end. But to close the game with 100% you will need to "tweak" rather looking for secret rooms and win the special stages (mini-games) that each world has. And speaking of special stages, this game has several and all are quite interesting and give great rewards for the player, such as points and extra lives! After each normal phase to be completed, Kirby will have to jump as high as possible in platform (it's kind of a bonus level) in order to improve your score or even an extra life.
In Kirby's Adventure, the player's progress in the game will always be saved automatically. This is a great resource to continue the adventure when you want or can. Even more than the game is quite large, and finish it in one day is not an easy task, though not impossible either. The game's graphics are beautiful! Each scenario has its own characteristics and is quite different, very colorful and beautiful! The animation and character design is almost perfect! Kudos to the excellent work of Hal Laboratory who used the graphics from the NES to the fullest! Kirby's Adventure is a sight for sore eyes! The sound effects are excellent! The game sounds are well diversified and all the indisputable good taste. Everyone has a childish tone, of course, but could not be different when it comes to sound effects of a game like this, what was done to please the children.
The soundtrack is extensive and worthy of an Oscar of videogames! Music mostly very happy, give a great atmosphere and delicious adventure for Kirby in Dream Land! Turn up the volume and enjoy the great music of this game! The controls could not be better! All controls work well and give great momentum to the game. Kirby can jump, to creeping, swallowing enemies, run, fly ... is to do with envy Mario close to many possible actions and commands! Oh, and when swallowing an enemy just push the joystick down to see if it has some ability to learn. And if you want to "liberate" some skill you have learned but that finds it useful or inferior to another that you can pick up at the same stage, please press the "Select".
Kirby is not really a difficult game, despite having many levels filled with various obstacles and enemies. The player must be smart and use wisely the skills that work best in each stage of the game, not to go through trouble. The sub-bosses and bosses always have a basic form of attack, so be sure to pay attention to it before going out attacking, that their attack can be accurately and efficiently. Kirby's Adventure is surely one of the best platform games released for the NES, and so good and fun as the classic Super Mario Bros. 3. And do not be alarmed if you find people who consider this game as all the best action games released for the 8-bit console from Nintendo, because the game is really fantastic!
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