Sunday, November 6, 2011


In this post I will talk about Tetris, one of the simplest games in the world that became a hit and still manages to have fans today, because of its addictive style, after all fit pieces of various shapes to make points that has no end is extremely fun. The game was created by a Russian trio, Alexey Pajitnov, Dmitry Pavlovsky and Vadim Gerasimov in 1984, but have they thought they would do so much success? The game evolved over time, adding new modes and difficulties and with games that use the same gameplay in a different way.

The graphics are simple, with parts having a different color for each one and the background is totally empty, with nothing in it, but like I said, with the time passing by the game has been changing, gained more life colors, the backgrounds were being filled with diverse topics, everything to make the player more comfortable in this simple game but very addictive that pleases kids and adults today.

Time to talk about the most important point of the game, the mechanics of it, which made many people around the world hooked on this game. Parts of various shapes as a square, an L, etc go down and the player has to fit them together to form a line, which will disappear and the player will earn points. And so is the entire game until the parts reach the top of the picture, resulting in a game over. Simple, right? You just need to fit pieces together to form a line that earns points, amazing.

The game has a simple song, the effects of falling and pieces fit together and the line is disappearing and earning points. Imagine if you had a movie soundtrack style Gamer, would be a totally frantic Tetris, after all, simple or complex songs are welcome in any game, of course, the more advanced versions of Tetris have cool music, but the first simply had something simple and they did a hell of success.

Tetris has even world records, it's in the Guinness's, because it was the more carried game and have several different games for various platforms, it is too awesome.

Tetris will always be watching us, I doubt anyone has never played tetris. Well, why would I recommend it if almost everyone played Tetris? But the hint is there, if you have never played it, give it a try!


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