Sunday, November 6, 2011


This little game popular in the arcades of the 80s has been ported to many different systems and had the joy of kids with simple and addictive gameplay! All very colorful and intuitive.

The concept of the game, in fact, comes from the arcade game "Breakout" released in 1976 and was later ported to the Atari 2600. It consists of a "pong" with blocks, and the player controls a "bar" at the bottom of the screen and bounces the ball, in order to destroy the colored blocks, each with a different resistance and requiring more hits to be destroyed.

This requires strategy and skill; strategy to decide where to throw the ball (it was common target in the corners of the screen, open passing by and let the ball bouncing up and destroy the blocks above the first); and ability to manage to get all the blocks, as the ball speed will increase even more. It is a very hard game!
The Arkanoid by Taito released many years later, in 1986, had the advantage of power-ups, which made the game more interesting and varied. Some blocks drop items, that, for example, make the "bar" bigger, or more releases one more ball on the screen, or even turning the bar in a shooter, allowing the player to shoot directly to the blocks during a pre-determined time. It was a very interesting game mode, like the concept of the card game "Uno", in which different cards alter the logic of the game each round, requiring constant adaptation of the players and making the varied gameplay. Something constant in games, that can also be observed in several versions of Mario Kart.

When I was younger I was completely addicted to this game! I had a CD with lots of games that came on a magazine and Arkanoid was one of my favourites!


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