Sunday, November 13, 2011


Set sail on a sea of ​​adventure to the mythical Far East in Tradewinds. Choose your character and build a shipping empire! Sail through the seas while building your empire of trade, battle, and connections in high places.

Tradewinds Classic

Travel back in time to a world of danger and mystery, a place where the open waters can mean anything but smooth sailing. Tradewinds Classic, set in 19th century Far East, takes you back to the beginning where buying and selling exotic goods, or collecting premiums pirates thought-to-be-killed, could lead to incalculable wealth ... or ultimate doom. With enough wisdom, courage and luck you too can become a Tai-Pan!

Tradewinds 2

Earn a fortune by buying and selling goods. Earn enough gold to upgrade your ship and engage in land and sea battles. Encounter a fascinating new world and discover uncharted ports. Two game modes and over sixty hours of gameplay await you. Play Tradewinds 2 and explore your new world

Tradewinds Caravans

Travel along the bustling and dangerous Silk Road trading exotic goods and engaging in real-time battles as you build the most powerful trading caravan the world has ever seen! Embark on challenging quests, hire fiercely loyal warriors and explore a long-lost world filled with tantalizing secrets, hidden cities and legends of mythical creatures. With all new weapons, character-specific powers and signature Tradewinds humor, your adventure begins today - in Tradewinds Caravans!

Tradewinds Odyssey

Guide five unique heroes - The athlete, cynical, Priestess, Goddess Minotaur and - as you embark on more than 50 chapters and quests, encountering characters both strange and familiar. Build, strengthen and improve its fleet in a unique powerful force in the Aegean with magic powers granted to you by the gods, or use your unique talent Hero to overthrow your opponent on the battlefield. Negotiate as never before, to create and disseminate products to new lands.

Tradewinds Legends

Ride the winds of the sea and sky in the latter part of the Tradewinds series. Sail, trade and battle with legendary heroes such as Sinbad in the mythical Far East. Enter a world of danger and intrigue as you complete over 100 unique features. Build a flotilla of ships armed with weaponry, both man-made and magic. Sail into the sky to discover new ports and engage in aerial combat with other magical sky ships. Encounter a world of legendary fun in Tradewinds Legends today.

Tradewinds Legends Unlikely Heroes

Ardru and Smith, along with ivory, the title of this adventure on the high seas! Embark on two hilariously challenging stories as you battle and trade your way to unimaginable wealth in Tradewinds Legends: Unlikely Heroes', the expansion pack for the title hit, Tradewinds Legends.

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